Geisha- expression of femininity

Geisha a mixture of femininity, nobility, sophistication, mysteriousness and seductiveness.

Geisha were the most highly educated of Japanese women, skilled in all of the feminine arts, so naturally many of them made brilliant marriages! eisha have often been referred to as ‘The Butterflies of the East,’ and they lure men from all over the world with their fantastical, exotic and heightened goddess-like appearance. They have dark peony red lips, the whitest of porcelain skin, and behind their necks are three soft pretty lines – forming what connoisseurs of beauty call “the necklace of Venus.”

The very word geisha means ‘person of art’ – cultivated in all the arts and graces that may only add to their ability to PLEASE. Moreover, the geisha are adherents of ‘the feminine arts’ – in every sense of the word! Thus a geisha not only sings and dances attractively, but she’s a trained poet, writer, conversationalist, and temptress as well.

Geisha are renowned for being MYSTERIOUS women, and they’ve always known that men have always been fascinated by mysterious women. But what actually is the mystery of the geisha, the screen’s aside and she’s kneeling on her mat? And, what are her real thoughts, emotions, and her ‘secret-self’ all about? Perhaps, we’ll never, ever know.



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